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Sanctioned Agility Trial

June  16-17, 2007

Shatford Park

New Lebanon, NY

(outdoors, 2 rings on grass, enclosed with snow fencing)

Our wonderful judges were Jennifer Laird and Jackie Oricko

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Thanks to all who helped to make it another enjoyable weekend of CPE fun! 
Results are available!  Congratulations to all who earned Q's and titles - here's a partial list, based on brags I knew about and that were written in the brag book at the trial.

Perfect Weekend
Anna Schrom and Duke!
Kathryn Nield and Meg!

Kathryn Horn and Maizie!
Janet McSwain and Angel!
Jennifer Laird and Fredericka!

Carol & Frank McNulty and Bono!

Level 5 Std Championship
Kathryn Nield and Meg!

Other Titles:
Mary Grace Von Calio          Shadow         CL1-H
Heidi Fuge                             Timber          CL3-H
Anna Schrom                         Duke            CL4-R
Mary Grace Von Calio           Rex              CL3-R
Bill Newman                          Barry            CL3-F
Corliss Goold                         Meanta        CL2-F
Anna Schrom                         Duke            CL4-F
Anna Schrom                         Duke            CL3-S
Seroe Michaud                      Oreo             CL2-H
Regina Libby                          Dakota         CL4-F
Barbara Webster                    Tanya           CL2-H
Lois Platt                                Promise        CL4-R
Lois Platt                                Promise        CL3-H
Janine Pollard                         Tegan           CL1-H
Bonnie Kelleher                      Joey             CL-4 overall!
Bev Bulson                             Maddy         CL-3 overall!
Bill Newman                           Barry           CL4-R


Saturday, June 16

Colors Levels 1/2 Colors Levels 3/S/4/5/C Standard Round 1, Level 1
Standard Round 1 - Level 2 Standard Round 1 - Levels 3/S Standard Round 1 - Levels 4/5/C
Snooker Levels 1/2 Snooker Levels 3/S/4/5/C Standard Round 2 - Level 1
Standard Round 2 - Level 2 Standard Round 2 - Levels 3/S Standard Round 2 - Levels 4/5/C
Jumpers Levels 1/2 Jumpers Levels 3/S Jumpers Levels 4/5/C

Sunday, June 17

FullHouse All Levels Jackpot Levels 1/2 Jackpot Levels 3/S
Jackpot Levels 4/5/C Standard Level 1 Standard Level 2
Standard Levels 3/S Standard Levels 4/5/C Wildcard Levels 1/2
Wildcard Levels 3/S/4/5/C    

Confirmations have gone out!

June 11, 2007 

Hello, Exhibitors!

Thank you for entering the June 16 and 17, 2007, CPE Trial hosted by AgileDogs Agility Training.  This is your entry confirmation. We have a total of 209 dogs entered for 735 runs on Saturday and 585 runs on Sunday.   

Please note:  if you decide to withdraw, please let us know as soon as possible so we may allow entries from our wait list. 

We thank everyone in advance for your help and support, and we hope you will have fun this weekend.  To help make the weekend go smoothly, please help whenever possible!

Some important notes:

Shatford Park details:

1.       It is absolutely required that you pick up after your dog.  Failure to do so will result in being excused from the trial.

  1. Bring your own chairs and shade.

3.       Wading pools and a water hose will be available for cooling your dogs.  There is also a creek running through the park.

4.       Remember that ticks abound in this area, so be sure to check your dogs for ticks, especially if you walk them in the woods.

5.       Cars must be parked in designated areas, and may not be driven around the rings after the general briefing each day.

6.       A map of the park is posted on the AgileDogs website (www.agiledogs.net).


·         Perfect weekend rosettes will be awarded to teams achieving Q’s in all 9 runs.

Trial Format: 

Two 100’ x 100’ rings will be used.  Each class will be held in one ring, except Jumpers, which will be split between rings; lower levels (1, 2, 3, and S) will run in one ring and higher levels (4, 5 and C) will run in the other ring.  Electronic timing will be used in both rings. 

All walk-throughs will be timed at 7 minutes.  Please help us to run the trial as efficiently as possible so we can finish each day in a timely fashion.  Please notify your gate stewards of any conflicts between the two rings; all competitors and volunteers will be accommodated.

Check-in, Measuring, and Starting Times:

Friday:           Site available for set-up starting at 4:00 pm

                     Early check in and measuring will be from 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Saturday:       Check-in and measuring will be from 7:00 – 7:45

                     General / Judges’ briefing 7:45, 1st dog on the line in Ring 1:  8:00 AM, 1st dog on the line in Ring 2:  8:15 AM.

Sunday:         Check-in and measuring will be from 7:00 – 7:30

                     General / Judges’ briefing 7:30, 1st dog on the line in Ring 1: 7:45 AM, 1st dog on the line in Ring 2:  8:00 AM.

 There will be NO measuring of dogs AFTER the Judges Briefing begins each day – ALL DOGS WITHOUT A PERMANENT HEIGHT CARD MUST BE MEASURED before the Judges’ Briefing in order to show that day – THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.


The volunteer schedule will be posted on the AgileDogs website the week before the trial.  Thanks to all who volunteered; more than 90% of the exhibitors have volunteered!

Please do not worry about conflicts between classes you’re working and classes you’re running in.  All workers will be accommodated.  You can move your dog within a class to make sure you have time to concentrate on having a successful run with your 4-footed partner!


  • Food:  Mobile Kitchen will be on-site providing food for this trial. 
  • Photographer:  Frank Jansen Photography will be on site both Saturday and Sunday taking pictures.  Frank’s website is www.Frank-Jansen-Photo.com.
  • Kim Malmer:  Miscellaneous dog toys, leashes, and treats
  • MisA Martin: I will be selling Oxyfresh natural pet products - glucosamine supplements, ear cleaner, dental solution, shampoo, etc.  A portion of the funds will be donated to Waggytail Rescue in NYC.
  • CHARMED MEMORIES:  Charm bracelets, T-shirts, title pins, and other dog-related merchandise.
  • SPOILED DOG DESIGNS:  Custom designed collars, show leads, harness and dog attire.  Oma's Pride Natural Pet Food.


During the trial, move-ups in Standard from Saturday to Sunday will be taken at the show, and must be submitted to the Show Secretary before the completion of the last class of the day.  Thank you for your cooperation.  There will be no move-ups in the Standard classes on Saturday.


CPE has initiated new rules effective February 1, 2007; review the CPE website for details (www.k9cpe.com).


Animal ER of the Berkshires
(at the Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital)
1634 West Housatonic Street
, Mass.

TENTATIVE Class Schedules

The following class, level, and height order is tentative, and subject to change if necessary.  

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ring 1 – Jackie, 4” to 24”

Ring 2 – Jennifer, 4” to 24”

Colors 12
Colors 3S45C
Standard (round 1) 1
Standard (round 1) 2
Standard (round 1) 3S
Standard (round 1) 45C
Jumpers 12
Jumpers 3S

Snooker 3S45C
Snooker 12
Standard (round 2) 45C
Standard (round 2) 3S
Standard (round 2) 2
Standard (round 2) 1
Jumpers 45C

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ring 1 – Jackie, 24” to 4”

Ring 2 – Jennifer, 24” to 4”

Jackpot 12
Jackpot 3S
Jackpot 45C
Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 3S
Standard 45C

Fullhouse All
Wildcard 12
Wildcard 3S45C


Directions to the Trial Site:
Park is located in New Lebanon; the street address is just north of 14755 Route 22. 

From the South: Take the New York State Thruway North to exit 21A, the "Berkshire Spur", and get off at exit B3 (Austerlitz/New Lebanon). * Follow signs for Route 22 North. Take Route 22 North for approximately 9 miles to the town of New Lebanon. At the red blinking light take a right to stay on Route 22 North. **About a mile later, take a left just before the Hess Gas Station to stay on Route 22 North; go 3/4 mile, past New Lebanon Central School.  You’ll see the park on the left.  Go past the park and take a left after the New Lebanon Town Hall onto Old Post Road.  Go 0.2 miles to the park entrance on the left. 

From the West: Take the New York State Thruway to exit 24, Albany. Stay on I-90 (this is a no-toll section) until exit 11E, which is Route 20 East.  Turn right onto 20 East, and follow it for approximately 17 miles; go straight through the blinking yellow light in New Lebanon.  Follow directions from ** above.

From the East: Take the Mass Turnpike to the New York State line, where it becomes the New York Thruway. Take the very first exit in New York, Exit B3 (Austerlitz/New Lebanon), and follow directions from * above.

From the North:  Take Route 22 South.  Go through the towns of Berlin and Stephentown.  1.8 miles after passing into Columbia County, take Old Post Road on the right (at the base of the hill).  Be careful, as the road comes up on you quickly.  Go 0.2 miles to the park entrance on the left.

Map of Shatford Park

Worker's Schedule for Saturday

Worker's Schedule for Sunday

AgileDogs CPE Agility Trial WORKERS SCHEDULE - Saturday, June 16, 2007      
Ring 1 Judge: Jackie Oricko                

Chief Scorekeeper:

Patti Domfort  
Class Est. Start Time Course Builders Gate Steward Timer Ass't Scribe Scribe Score Runner Leash Runner Ring Crew Scoring
Colors 12 8:00 AM n/a Joann Boomhower Bruce Swaybill Melissa Johnson Sevasty Entwistle Janet McSwain Neila Nowicki Sharon Buehler     Seroe Michaud  Jodi Pangman (L) Julie Eckhoff
Colors 3S45C 8:50 AM Christine Weiner Misa Martin Chris Schultz Cynthia McKay Jo Anne Meadows Katelyn Barber Mary Anne Brown Susan Acosta Marita Spooner
Nancy Wentworth Linda Lee Ranieri  
Carol Kelley Toni Segreti  
Standard 1 10:45 AM Ramunas Svarcas Kathy Horn Denielle Stasa Jo Ann Alvarez Kris Jansen Marti Ohmart Pat Newman Kathleen Kalwa Julie Mihalcik-Eno
Anne Pace Barbara Mongeon Joyce Stephenson
Joyce Witting Judith Webb  
Standard 2 11:32 AM Mary Franzoso Leland Perry Lori Kline Mary Hofelich Pat Hughes Carol Fay Jodi Pangman Jennifer Bednar Lois Hammond
Mark Bancroft Carol McNulty  
Anne Hartranft Cynthia McKay  
Standard 3S 12:22 PM Dale Christianson Susan Lawless Brandon Cloutier Teri Evenden Bill Newman Kathy Sanderson Barbara Miller Lesley Erikson  
Carol Kelley Sharon Buehler  
  Jean Thorkildsen  
Standard 45C 1:24 PM Nancy Wentworth JoAnne Meadows   Emma Picardi   Lois Platt (S)  Joyce Lak (L) Kathy Sanderson Carol Fay  
Debbie Wlodarski Linda Lee Ranieri  
Jumpers 12 3:23 PM Susan Acosta Jo Ann Alvarez Bill Newman Corinna Bright Heidi Fuge Mary Franzoso Jean Thorkildsen Lesley Erikson Janet McSwain
Joyce Witting Pam Skinner  
Mark Bancroft Bonnie Kelleher  
Jumpers 3S 4:20 PM     Bruce Swaybill Christine Weiner   Sheila Vara Judith Webb Marti Ohmart Marla Reznitsky
Deliah Rosel Pat Newman  
  Anne Pace  
Chief Ring Steward: Nancy Obara      

Chief Course Builder: 

Paul Stusalitis    
Floating workers: Bonnie Clauss, Corliss Goold, Kim Malmer, Kathryn Neild, Pat Kozoil, Michelle Espinola, Mary Grace Von Calio, Eric Webb, Carroll Durand
AgileDogs CPE Agility Trial WORKERS SCHEDULE - Saturday, June 16, 2007      
Ring 2 Judge: Jennifer Laird                

Chief Scorekeeper:

Trisha Stall  
Class Est. Start Time Course Builders Gate Steward Timer Ass't Scribe Scribe Score Runner Leash Runner Ring Crew Scoring
Snooker 3S45C 8:15 AM n/a   _________(S)   Mary Van De Carr (L) Corinna Bright Brandon Cloutier Joyce Lak (S) _________(L)   Nancy Reich (S)  Lisa Zaassowski (L)  
Snooker 12 10:24 AM Debbie Wlodarski Tara Baggerman Ginny Cappello Doreen Lucius Wendy Archinal Sally Baker Anne Sterman Bev Bulson Barb Fribourg
Harald Witting Bob Stephenson Anna Schrom
  Bonnie Kelleher  
Standard 45C 11:22 AM Ginny Cappello Sevasty Entwistle Melissa Stephen (S) Denise Cormier Ray Wheeler Mary Anne Brown Jennifer VanSant Ann Peereboom (S)  
Neila Nowicki Tony Segreti  
Deliah Rosel Olivia VanSant (S)  
Standard 3S 1:16 PM Julie Belles Beth Ostrowski-Parks   Pam Skinner Ray Wheeler Carol McNulty Katelyn Barber Nancy Reich Marita Spooner
Katie Eckhoff Lisa Zassowski  
Standard 2 2:13 PM Seroe Michaud Mary Hofelich Pat Hughes Denise Cormier Lori Kline Joann Boomhower Ann Peereboom Jennifer Bednar Lois Hammond
Anne Hartcranft Leland Perry  
  Jennifer VanSant  
Standard 1 3:00 PM Barbara Miller Bev Bulson Barb Fribourg Kris Jansen Sally Baker Katie Eckhoff Julie Belles Kathy Horn Wendy Archinal
Harald Witting Kathleen Kalwa Tara Baggerman
  Julie Mihalcik-Eno Anne Sterman
Jumpers 45C 3:44 PM Bob Stephenson Barbara Mongeon (S)                      Susan Lawless (L) ________ (S)       Chris Schultz (L) ________ (S)   Ann Ryan (L) Melissa Johnson (S)                   Doreen Lucius (L) Lois Platt (S)  ________ (L)   Beth Ostrowski- Julie Eckhoff (S)
Ramuras Svarcas Parks (S) Anna Schrom (L)
Dale Christianson   Joyce Stephenson (L)
Chief Ring Steward: Tricia Derwinski        

Chief Course Builder: 

Pete Piroha  
Floating Workers: Bonnie Clauss, Corliss Goold, Kim Malmer, Kathryn Neild, Pat Kozoil, Michelle Espinola, Mary Grace Von Calio, Eric Webb, Carroll Durand


AgileDogs CPE Agility Trial WORKERS SCHEDULE - Sunday June 17, 2007    
Ring 1 Judge: Jackie Oricko                

Chief Scorekeeper:

Patti Domfort  
Class Est. Start Time Course Builders Gate Steward Timer Ass't Scribe Scribe Score Runner Leash Runner Ring Crew Scoring
Jackpot 12 8:00 AM n/a Doreen Lucius Harald Witting Ann Ryan Julie Mihalcik-Eno Joyce Witting Susan Lawless Marti Ohmart     Wendy Gregoire      Sally Baker Debbie Wlodarski    Lois Hammond
Jackpot 3S 9:21 AM JoAnn Klinetop Janine Pollard Denielle Stasa Barbara Mongeon Barbara Cloutier Jessica Morgan Lois Platt Laila Vincent  Anne Sterman
Mark Bancroft Karen Norray Wendy Archinal
Ramunas Svarcas Barbara Mattes  
Jackpot 45C 10:15 AM Anne Hartranft Chris Schultz Lori Kline Melissa Stephen Bill Newman Jodi Pangman Leanne Ksiazek Laila Vincent  Dottie Piroha
Bruce Swaybill Joyce Lak Lois Hammond
Kathy Horn Carol Fay  
Standard 1 12:03 PM Julie Belles Leland Perry Bill Newman Ann Peereboom Melissa Johnson Ann Ryan Julie Belles Nancy Reich Marta Reznitsky
Brandon Cloutier Martine Meijering Linda Breuning
Jean Pavone Lesley Erikson  
Standard 2 12:48 PM Bev Bulson Beth Ostrowski-Parks Leland Perry Janet Lynn Christine Porter Karen Norray Jessica Morgan Seroe Michaud Misa Martin
Deliah Rosel Kathleen Kalwa Tricia Derwinski
Bob Klinetop    
Standard 3S 1:36 PM Virginia Cappello Denielle Stasa Harald Witting Christine Weiner Joyce Stephenson Lois Platt Christine Porter Joyce Witting Eric Webb
Bob Klinetop Jodi Pangman Barb Fribourg
Leanne Ksiazek Carol McNulty  
Standard 3S 1:36 PM Carol Fay Janine Pollard Bruce Swaybill Dottie Piroha Melissa Stephen   Sheila Vara (L)  Joann Boomhower (S) Wendy Gregoire (L) Kris Jansen (L)  Melissa Johnson (S)  Kathleen Kalwa (S) Debbie Wlodarski (L)  Eric Webb (L)       Anne Sterman (S)     Paul Stusalitus (S)
Anne Hartranft
JoAnn Klinetop
Chief Ring Steward: Nancy Obara      

Chief Course Builder: 

Paul Stusalitis    
Floating workers: Joseph Bednar, Patty Beaman, Kathryn Neild, Corliss Goold, Teri Evenden, Denise Cornier, Bonnie Clauss  
AgileDogs CPE Agility Trial WORKERS SCHEDULE - Sunday. June 17, 2007    
Ring 2 Judge: Jennifer Laird                

Chief Scorekeeper:

Eileen Keegan  
Class Est. Start Time Course Builders Gate Steward Timer Ass't Scribe Scribe Score Runner Leash Runner Ring Crew Scoring
Fullhouse 24/20/16 8:15 AM n/a Marla Reznitsky Pat Hughes Pat Newman Anna Schrom Sheila Vara Judith Webb Linda Lee Ranieri      Bev Bulsen Joyce Stephenson  Julie Mihalcik-Eno
Fullhouse 12/8/4   n/a Ann Peereboom Bob Stephenson Nancy Wentworth Barb Fribourg Christine Weiner Jackie Olivet Kathy Sanderson          Nancy Reich       Jean Pavone Janet McSwain
Wildcard 12 10:52 AM Deliah Rosel Jean Thorkildsen Ron Gregoire Pollyanna Mead Ray Wheeler Carroll Durrand Sharon Buehler Lisa Zassowski Anna Schrom
Virginia Cappello Bonnie Kelleher (S) Pat Hughes
Martine Maijering Mary Hofelich  
Wildcard 3S45C 11:59 AM Kathy Horn Ron Gregoire Ray Wheeler Corinna Bright Kris Jansen (L)     Wendy Archinal (S) MaryAnne Brown Sally Baker (L)            __________(S) Linda Lee Ranieri  Lori Kline (S)
Mark Bancroft   Janet McSwain
Bob Stephenson    
Chief Ring Steward: Bob Domfort      

Chief Course Builder: 

Trisha Stall    
Floating Workers: Joseph Bednar, Patty Beaman, Kathryn Neild, Corliss Goold, Teri Evenden, Denise Cornier, Bonnie Clauss  


Contact information:

Melinda Schneider, Trial Chairperson  Melinda@agiledogs.net  413-443-1687
Jeff Boyer, Trial Secretary  Jeff@agiledogs.net  518-461-6791