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Neck Coolers for Humans,
Cooler Bandannas for Dogs!!
NOW, also cooling mats)

(be patient while this page loads -- you'll love the fabrics that appear!)

Check out my new Patriotic fabrics, plus new dog prints!!

I have been selling my homemade neck coolers neck cooler - picture.jpg (51330 bytes) (you know, the ones with the cooling crystals in them that, when they get wet, they expand and stay cool for hours?) for over a year now.

cooler bandanna - picture.jpg (60729 bytes)I now make cooler bandannas for dogs -- the same cooling crystals are in them, and they have a bandanna attached to the neck cooler so your dog can stay cool in style!  Most people like to wear a design that matches their dog, and many people want a design that displays the breed of their dog.

In addition, I have just started selling cooling mats for dogs to lie on in their crates while outside at agility trials or while hanging out in warm weather.  I use these for my dogs each summer at agility trials, and several people have expressed interest in me making them the mats as well!  The only limitation to this product is that a heavier weight fabric has to be used to make the mats more durable, so it isn't available in every fabric selection.

I plan to be set up a printable order form for all of my products - in the meantime, please email me if you would like to purchase any of these items!!

Click on any of the images to see a larger version of the fabric, then click the back button on your browser to come back to this page.

Click here to go to the prices section (below):

Fabric Code Description Thumbnail (click for larger picture)
STAR-STRIPE Stars and Stripes flags.jpg (428177 bytes)
FLAGS American Flags on white background fabrics-flags on white.jpg (163788 bytes)
STARS-MULTI Stars on primary color striped background fabrics-stars on primary color stripes.jpg (137898 bytes)
STARS-RWB Red, white and silver stars on white background fabrics-red & blue stars on white.jpg (124930 bytes)
BONES-BLUE Bones on Blue Plaid new fabrics-blue bones.jpg (169636 bytes)
MULTI BONES Multicolored Bones on Blue new_fabrics-bones_on_blue.jpg (277646 bytes)
PAWPRINTS Pawprints on Yellow new_fabrics-pawprints_on_yellow.jpg (144391 bytes)
STRIPES-BG Blue and Green Stripes with flower pattern fabrics-blue&green muted stripes.jpg (181512 bytes)
DOGS-BLUE Dogs on Blue new fabrics-blue dogs.jpg (469980 bytes)
DOGS-CREAM Dogs & Bones on Cream new fabrics-dogs&bones on cream.jpg (326544 bytes)
DOGS-TAN   fabrics-dogs on tan1.jpg (300585 bytes)   fabrics-dogs on tan2.jpg (988225 bytes)
DALMATION Dalmation Puppies on Blue fabrics-dalmation puppies on blue.jpg (185882 bytes)
DOGS-RED Dogs on Red new fabrics-red dogs.jpg (462530 bytes)
PUPPIES-Y Puppies on yellow background fabrics-puppies on yellow.jpg (166050 bytes)
ROLLER Roller Skating Dogs!

(because of the larger size of these dogs, only dog cooler bandannas can be made out of this fabric)

roller skating dogs 1.jpg (202277 bytes)   roller skating dogs 2.jpg (191926 bytes)
DAISIES  ** Daisies on Blue Background  blue daisies.jpg (63569 bytes)
CHECKER-D ** Dogs on Red Checkerboard dogs checkerboard.jpg (112403 bytes)
LEAVES  ** Striped Rows of Red and Black Leaves leaves - red and black rows.jpg (100643 bytes)
MILKBONES Milk Bones on Cream Background milk bones.jpg (67569 bytes)
PAISLEY Pink Paisley on Light Yellow Background paisley - yellow and pink.jpg (89065 bytes)
SCOTTIE Scottie Dogs on Red/Black Striped Background scotties - red and black.jpg (108220 bytes)
STRIPES  ** Primary Color Stripes stripes - primary colors.jpg (31837 bytes)

** Fabric not available for Cooling Mats  


Neck Cooler (for humans)     $7.00
Cooler Bandanna (for dogs):   
               Small (up to 14" neck)     $8.00
               Medium (14" to 18" neck) $10.00
              Large (18" or larger neck)  $12.00
  If two or more purchased at same time   $2.00 off each additional item
             (mix and match!)   
Shipping for neck coolers and cooler bandannas:  
      Quantity up to 4 (First Class Mail):  $1.00
      Quantity from 4 to 7 (USPS Priority Mail):  $4.00
      Quantity greater than 7 (best method):   FREE!!
Cooling Mats:  
             Small (for 15" x 20" crate) $20.00
             Medium (for 18" x 24" crate) $30.00
             Large (for 24" x 36" crate) $40.00
Shipping for cooling mats:                                  
      Quantity 1-2, any size (USPS Priority):  $4.00
      Quantity of 3 or more:     FREE!!

E-mail me for more information or to order!!



Page updated July 24, 2004