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See the website for Sugar Bush Farm

See pictures of the farm's resident cat, Pooka, doing agility in the training building !!

See pictures of the building construction back in the summer of 2004!

Where is Sugar Bush Farm?

The new agility training building is going up!

(click on the pictures below to see in larger size)

July 13, 2004
The foundation is ready

sugarbush-01.jpg (58102 bytes)              sugarbush-02.jpg (70967 bytes)

July 21, 2004
The frame goes up

sugarbush-03.jpg (69429 bytes)      sugarbush-04.jpg (64399 bytes)

sugarbush-05.jpg (64273 bytes)


July 22, 2004
The roof goes on!

sugarbush-06.jpg (46219 bytes)      sugarbush-07.jpg (52716 bytes)

sugarbush-08.jpg (63951 bytes)      sugarbush-09.jpg (90762 bytes)


August 18, 2004
Adding the agility obstacles!

sugarbush-13.jpg (77627 bytes)


September 15, 2004
Windows and walls!

sugarbush-10.jpg (42493 bytes)      sugarbush-11.jpg (35351 bytes)

sugarbush-12.jpg (47844 bytes)


September 28, 2004
One side is done, dirt surface added inside

sugarbush-14.jpg (40859 bytes)     sugarbush-15.jpg (67451 bytes)



Directions from the East:
Take the Mass Pike all the way to exit 1.  Continue on I-90 to the next exit, B-3 in Canaan, NY.  At the end of the ramp go right, 22 North.  In New Lebanon, Route 20 and 22 run together for a short while.  Make sure you stay on Route 22 by bearing left just before the Hess Gas Station you will see on your left.  Continue to the traffic light in Stephentown where Routes 22 and 43 intersect.  Go straight to continue on 22 North.  Follow Directions from the 22/43 Intersection below.
Directions from the West:
Take I-90 East to Exit 11E - Route 20 East.  Continue on Route 20 East until it joins Route 22 North.  Follow Directions from the 22/43 Intersection below.

Directions from the 22/43 Intersection:
Heading North on Route 22, you'll go up a hill where 22 becomes 2 lanes.  It goes back down to one lane after you get to the top of the hill and you will pass a mobile home park on your right.  Just after that there is a brown house with a big satellite dish.  The road right next to that house is Giles Road or County Route 33.

Take that road, it is short, takes a sharp right at a big tan warehouse building on your right.  You will go over a little bridge, you'll see farm buildings on both sides of the road and straight ahead on the right you will see the training building - white domed roof with tan walls and windows.  Parking is next to the building.

For outdoor classes, pull into the driveway just before the building (you'll see orange cones either side of the driveway), and park below the training field and building  In the winter you can park alongside the road in front of the training building.

Directions from the North:
From Hoosick Falls you will take Route 22 South.  Go through the town of Berlin.  Approximately 3 miles south of the Berlin Jr./Sr. High School on your left is Giles Road or County Route 33.  Follow Directions from above.

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