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Break Out of Your Shell Video available now!!


Taken from my seminars held in 2010 and 2011, this video has over 2 hours of hints, discussion and how-to tips for dealing with the shy, soft, or stressed dog both in the competition agility ring and in practice. 

I will be selling it at local events, and it's also available via mail order.

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Rally Obedience Workshops!

Date: March 6, 2021
AgileDogs at JAZZ, Greenfield Center NY

The presenter will be Amee Abel

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You can book Trisha for Seminars!

Suggested Topics for my seminars include, but are not limited to, the following:

Break Out of Your Shell! Getting the most out of your shy, stressed, or soft dog
(this is a full day seminar, as this is a complicated topic!)
this seminar will help your dog to be the best he can be! We will help your dog to overcome his fears or insecurities and build a foundation for confidence and success in the agility ring.  Some topics covered include: developing pre-run, start-line, and post-run routines; using resets; how to spot and reward the "little" stuff; helping your dog be successful without going past the threshold level; and helping your dog work through pressure and stress.

Novice Handling Techniques; getting the footwork right and becoming a winning team (for teams that are working full height on all of the equipment, but who have not yet begun to compete or are competing at the Novice/Starters level).

Advanced Handling Techniques; perfecting all types of crosses, distance and directional work (Get Out, Go, and Left/Right as applicable), and drills for obstacle discrimination and weave poles; for teams that are working at the Open/Advanced level or above in competition.

Distance Training; getting your dog to work ahead and laterally away from you, and learning to successfully direct your dog from a distance.  In addition, learning your dog's natural working distance and being comfortable working both closer and farther than that distance.  For teams currently competing at any level.

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